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After years of cuts, Nonprofits struggle to survive

CAFCA | August 07, 2018 |

The term “nonprofit organization” may well be misleading. Some might think nonprofits aren’t really businesses. Ah, but they are; indeed, some are large, intricate and highly regulated businesses. Like for-profit businesses, they need revenue to execute their missions. When that revenue falls off, they must make creative and/or hard-nosed business decisions. This is the leaky boat in which many of the state’s nonprofits, particularly those under contract to provide human services to the state, find themselves.

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Care4Kids resumes enrollment, but won’t reach previous highs

CAFCA | November 10, 2017 |

With the number of families receiving help to cover the costs of child care reaching record lows, state lawmakers this week celebrated an announcement that the state will start enrolling children on the wait list. However, opening the wait list does not guarantee that every applicant whose income qualifies them for help will receive a Care4Kids subsidy. Currently, there are an estimated 8,654 children on the wait list. The Connecticut Office of Early Childhood is projecting it will enroll 5,192 new children in the program, which is designed to help with child care expenses so parents can work. The additional spots will not bring enrollment even close to its historically highs, however. There were 8,200 fewer children getting Care4Kids help in September than in each of the five previous Septembers – a 43 percent drop.

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