Find links to reports, data, publications, and websites on poverty-related issues in Connecticut and from across the United States  

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Digital Divide



Nutrition and Hunger



Juvenile Justice

Tools for Kids and Teachers

Community Action History


Government Programs and Offices

Connecticut Department of Transportation

Advocacy Groups

Community Transportation Association

Head Start

Mental Health & Addiction

Maternal Health & Early Childhood Health & Safety

Economic Security and Accountability

Early Childhood Development

CAA Resources

State Partner Organizations and Resources

State of Connecticut (Official site with links to all state entities)

The Official State of Connecticut Website

Connecticut Association of Nonprofits

Connecting Connecticut's Nonprofits

United Way of Connecticut 2-1-1

Information and Referral Service

Connecticut Association for Human Services (CAHS)

Empowering Connecticut's Families

National Partner Organizations and Resources

Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA)

National Community Action Foundation (NCAF)

NCAF and David Bradley

American Radio Works: The War on Poverty

Public Radio Feature on Poverty

Community Action Program Legal Services (CAPLAW)

The Legal System and the Community Action Network

Community Action Partnership (CAP)

The National Association

Virtual Cap

A Virtual Resource for Community Action

Northeast Institute for Quality Community Action (NIQCA)

Managerial Excellence

Public Policy Resources