Access Community Action Agency celebrates 50 years of Community Action

CAFCA | March 27, 2014 |

 Access Community Action Agency’s Board of Directors held their annual Staff Appreciation Breakfast on March 12, 2014.  The theme of this year’s breakfast was Commemorating 50 years of Community Action.

Staff and Board members participated in a timeline activity from the National Peer to Peer ROMA Training Modules, presented by Cindy Torrence, Senior Director for Administration.  The timeline marked important events and legislation related to Community Action.  President/CEO Peter DeBiasi presented a slide presentation of 50 years of Community Action, which featured key figures and pieces of legislation related to that time period.  He explained the impact of each on the work agencies do.  Ms. Torrence also discussed the impact of the legislation and its role in establishing ROMA and the six national goals.

Guest speaker, Amos Smith, President/CEO of the Community Action Agency of New Haven spoke about his own experience growing up during the 60s and the launching of the War on Poverty and Community Action.  He stressed the link between the War on Poverty and the fight for racial equality in our country.  He also invited staff members to share their earliest experiences in understanding racism.  Overall, the event was a great success.