FFY 2014/2015 LIHEAP Plan Approved

CAFCA | August 27, 2014 |

 (Hartford)  The FFY 2014/2015 Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) Allocation Plan was approved yesterday by the Appropriations, Human Services, and Energy and Technology Committees of the Connecticut General Assembly. 


The plan, developed by the Department of Social Services (DSS), allocates $79.2 million in federal funds to the Connecticut Energy Assistance Program (CEAP), funded through LIHEAP.  Although federal funding has not yet been finalized, DSS based its allocation on level funding from last year’s allocation.  The plan was supported by testimony given by Amos Smith, President/CEO of the Community Action Agency of New Haven (CAANH) and Vice Chair of the Connecticut Association for Community Action, Inc. (CAFCA), the state association for Connecticut’s ten Community Action Agencies (CAAs).


Last year’s unprecedented winter season brought brutal snow accumulations and freezing temperatures averaging below normal to our state as low-income residents across Connecticut struggled to pay their heating bills.  With another harsh winter predicted for this year, CEAP is needed now more than ever.  This vital program works to help offset the winter heating costs of Connecticut’s low-income households, and homeowners and/or renters may apply.  CEAP funds may be used to pay for whatever source of heating residents have in their homes – whether they use wood, electric, oil, kerosene, or natural gas to heat their homes.  


The number of eligible caseloads for CEAP has steadily risen over the past few years, and over 102,000 households received energy assistance in the 2013-2014 season. Connecticut’s CAAs expect the demand to be even higher this year, making energy and heating assistance more critical now than it has ever been for Connecticut’s vulnerable population.


According to the Home Energy Affordability Gap: Connecticut (2013) Report, Connecticut’s poorest families owe approximately $2,363 more in energy bills than they can afford to pay.  CEAP allows them to not only cover high home energy costs and keep warm during the frigid winter months, but also gives low-income families the opportunity to address other critical and basic needs, rather than choosing between them.


Connecticut’s CAAs are now accepting CEAP applications for the 2014-2015 winter season, and will do so until May 1, 2015.  CEAP is administered locally by the state’s CAAs, which cover all 169 cities and towns and serve as anti-poverty agencies that provide various programs and services to improve low-income communities.  Fuel deliveries begin Wednesday, November 12, 2014.  For more information on CEAP and how to apply, visit www.cafca.org to find your local CAA and contact the corresponding energy office below.  A copy of the approved LIHEAP Allocation Plan can be found here.



Joanne Balaschak, Director of Energy Services, New Opportunities, Inc.; CAFCA Energy Liaison office: (203) 575-4233; cell: (203) 631-8117; or, Kelley Jacobson, Development, Communications and Grants Manager, CAFCA, (860) 832-9438.

Connecticut’s CAA Energy Offices

Service Area

Community Action Agency

CEAP Contact #

Bristol & surrounding towns

BCO (Bristol Community Organization)

(860)584-2725, or
(860)582-7490 (Energy Office)

Central Connecticut

CRT (Community Renewal Team)

(860)560-5600, or
(860)560-5800 (Energy Office)

Lower Fairfield


ABCD (Action for Bridgeport Community Development)

(203)366-8241, or
(203)384-6904 (Energy Office)

Naugatuck/Housatonic Valley

TEAM (Training, Education and Manpower)


Greater New Haven Area

CAANH (Community Action Agency of New Haven)


New Britain

New Britain HRA (Human Resources Agency of New Britain)

(860)225-8601, or
(860)225-1084 (Energy Office)

Northeastern Connecticut

Access Community Action Agency (Access)

(860)450-7487, or
(860)450-7423 (Energy Office)

North Central Connecticut

NOI (New Opportunities)


Southeastern Connecticut

TVCCA (Thames Valley Community Council Agency)

(860)889-1365 x 6552 (Energy Office)

Western Connecticut

CAAWC (Community Action Agency of Western Connecticut)

(203)744-4700, or
(203)748-5422 (Energy Office)