'Helping Feed Hartford' event benefits more than 800 families

CAFCA | June 20, 2018 |

 Hundreds of families in the greater Hartford area received about a weeks worth of food and essentials on Tuesday, at no cost to them.

It's all part of the annual event, "Helping Feed Hartford,” which was held outside the Xfinity Theatre.

The Community Renewal Team joined forces with Feed the Children, PepsiCo Frito-Lay, and PriceRite for the eighth annual event, benefitting about 800 families in the greater Hartford area.

"We have a PriceRite product that will all go in one tote, and we have all the PepsiCo product that will go into a tote. So, along with all that, families will be receiving a 25-pound food box, a 15-pound essential box, a woman's dignity box by Avon, and then a case of water and other things added in as well,” said Aaron Hazel, corporate event manager for Feed the Children.

The families were pre-selected by Community Renewal Team, and are involved in various Community Renewal Team programs.

"For families in need, it can go a long way during the summer,” said Jason Black, communications specialist for Community Renewal Team. “I wish we could say we didn't need to do this. Wouldn't that be nice if we could say that hunger was solved in the greater Hartford area? We know that isn't true."

Volunteers helped with set-up and loaded-up the families' cars.

"Some people cry, some people laugh, some people (say) 'bless you guys’,” said Alfred Herger, a Community Renewal Team volunteer.

He’s volunteered for the last three years. He said this year is especially meaningful to him.

"I’m from Puerto Rico. This year, a lot of people from the island came here. For me, it's more special to help this community and help these people,” he said.

He even brought along some additional help, his 18-year-old daughter.

"It's good to give back because a lot of people don't care. Everyone's in their own world nowadays, not a lot of people take time to help others,” said Alisa Herger.

They're hoping to help people for years to come.